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From the desk of Richard Daniels
Re: Squeezing More Profit From Your List

Dear List Owner (or potential List Owner),

If you have been marketing online for more than 5 minutes you already know that using time limited special offers are BIG MONEY.

Using a limited period offer is a devastatingly effective psychological tactic that has been exploited by the "Big Names" in internet marketing for years...


"Because it works like CRAZY"

But, until now there hasn't been a simple way of showing each individual subscriber their own time limited offer...

All that changes today.

For the past year I have been leveraging the power of automated time limited special offers.

---> Resulting in Amazing Extra Profits.

I have seen my sales increase by 28.9%.

And for one of my products the increase has been 40%...without ANY additional costs or extra work.

And even better than that...

With this psychological tactic I have turned prospects who would previously have NEVER bought from me into paying customers - Time and Time again on autopilot.

"And this is only the tip of the iceberg"

Wait till I tell you the really good part...

But first, let me tell you how this system was conceived.

The Birth Of An Automated Psychological Selling System

My name is Richard Daniels. 3 years ago I gave up my position as a Director of one of the UK's largest banks and have been making my living online ever since.

I have dozens of digital information products, and I'm always looking for ways to slash costs and pump up profits with minimal effort.

And this means transforming as many prospects into paying customers as possible...

(**As you already know, the most important asset a company has are its prospects and customers**)

So, how do you create a "compelling offer" that has them reaching for their credit card?

Well, one of the most powerful psychological selling tactics is to create a sense of scarcity and induce a feeling of urgency.

Get this right, and your prospect feels compelled to ACT NOW or they risk missing out altogether.

Understanding the psychological "Fear of Loss" led to the creation of Psycho Seller...

Psycho Seller

Introducing: Psycho Seller

The only Software that Automatically "Squeezes" cash from reluctant prospects...

Using Proven Psychological tactics which
"compel" your subscribers to buy, buy, buy - Even if they are "lazy list lurkers"

So What Is Psycho Seller and How Does It Squeeze Profits Out Of Your List Without You Lifting A Finger?


This short video just scratches the surface of how Psycho Seller can be used to help rapidly explode your profits with some of the most strikingly effective psychological tactics known.

Here are some of the ways that you can use Psycho Seller to maximise profits (Just one of these methods has been responsible for increasing profits by as much as 40% )

Scenario 1 : Offer a 3 day discount on your product after each subscriber has been on your list for 30 days and not yet purchased your product.

Some of your subscribers will be price sensitive. Get more sales by using this tactic...

Scenario 2: Offer additional bonuses to each subscriber who has been on your list for 21 days if they buy your product within the next 5 days

Some people need to be ethically 'bribed' to buy your product - This tactic squeezes more profit from your list...

Scenario 3: Offer additional products for a limited time period to each individual subscriber after they have been on your list for 35, 50 and 70 days, with relevant build up to the product release.

You can generate excitement and buzz about your products by sending customers to a pre release campaign until the release date is reached. Then they'll have access to the offer for the limited period only. And you can do this time and time again.

Scenario 4: After a subscriber has been on your list for 25 days, offer them a bonus if they purchase an affiliate product within the next 7 days.

"Boost affiliate commissions using the same limited period psychological tactics. "

Scenario 5: Show sequential CPA offers every 7 days, with time based incentives to act.

Over time expose your subscribers to the latest CPA offers, with a twist - make it clear they will only see the offer for a limited time period before it gets taken away from them forever.

Scenario 6: Release "new" content as part of an online course every 7 days to each subscriber. Limit the availability of this information for a specific amount of time to encourage action.

Automatically release content to a subscriber on auto-pilot over time. This could be a coupon that they can only have access to after a specific period of time has elapsed that is only valid for the next 7 days.

Scenario 7: Show each individual a pre-release promotion for a product until a person has been on your list for 10 days after which they can buy the "new" product.

Create multiple pre-release messages for each subscriber in your autoresponder - And when their specific product release date arrives, they get access to the "newly" released product.

"This is a way of creating a product launch for each and every person who joins your list automatically."

Advanced Tip: Offer a discount after the product has been "released" for the first 7 days only, with an increase in price after the 7 days are up to encourage a greater sense of urgency - and have this running on autopilot for all subscribers.

Scenario 8: Easily change the special offers you are promoting using Psycho Seller's control panel. Making it easy to swap out poor performing offers by changing one entry in one field.

No more going into individual autoresponder messages to change offers or update redirect links. You can do it all from Psycho Seller's control panel.

Scenario 9: Include perpetual offer links for affiliate products that disguise the affiliate links. These can be changed easily from Psycho Seller's control panel.

Hide your affiliate links from subscribers and site visitors by using Psycho Seller's perpetual link functionality.

And there are many, many more scenarios...the profit possibilities are almost endless.

" I know you can see the power of Psycho Seller and I bet your mind is buzzing with ideas of how you can use this to propel your profits skywards."

Psycho Seller has been designed to be simple to use, quick to install.

Simple, step-by-step instructions guide you through the installation process.

It takes less than 2.5 minutes to install the program and you're up and running!

Screen shot of Psycho Seller's Control Panel:

Screen shot showing where you add in the the Psycho Seller Parameters:

With Psycho Seller you will be able to:

  • Catch price sensitive subscribers and give them a reason to buy with discounted, time limited offers.
  • Persuade subscribers to become customers by offering time limited bonuses.
  • Generate excitment and buzz by setting up pre-launch campaigns that whip your subscribers up into a buying frenzy.
  • Offer time sensitive bonuses if subcribers purchase a related affiliate product.
  • Show time limited CPA offers, offering a bonus to encourage participation.
  • Easily add in new or swap out poor performing offers from Psycho Seller's control panel - time consuming updating of individual autoresponder messages is no longer required.
  • Disguise links to affiliate products using Psycho Seller's perpetual link functionality.
  • And these are just some of the ways I have used it... I am sure you will come up with loads of your own.

Psycho Seller is so simple to use you can be automating and profiting from your list in minutes...

Here's What Y0u Get...

Once you order Psycho Seller you will immediately be sent a CD which includes:

The easy to install software
A video that takes you through the 2 1/2 minute installation process.
Videos showing you just how simple it is to set up automated time limited special offers using Psycho Seller.
Videos on how a perpetual offer works and how to to set them up

The next step is yours. Go ahead and click the order link below.

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To Your Financial Success,

P.S. That's right, Psycho Seller allows you to automatically gain mastery over the powerful psychological tactics that "compel" people into buying and boost your profits.

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